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Asphalt Paving

A vehicle working on asphalt paving

If you are looking for asphalt paving or asphalt repair in the Lewisville, Texas area, you need to contact Lewisville Paving Pros. We have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure that your new asphalt surface is installed correctly to last for many years. If you already have asphalt, but are experiencing problems, we can help with that too. We are able to do asphalt sealcoating to prevent future damage or to repair existing damage. Contact us as soon as you notice any problems so that we can stop it from getting worse.

Benefits to Asphalt

You can expect your asphalt to last you up to 20 years. This assumes that proper care is taken, and regular maintenance is done. What should you expect for those 20 years? Generally, asphalt is a durable material so you shouldn’t experience too many bumps in the road, either literal or figurative. Asphalt is also quick to install and repair so you’ll have less down time than you might expect with other materials, both when put in and when repaired. If you have been using other materials, you may notice a reduction in noise. Asphalt is known for being a quiet surface.

Asphalt Paving Preparation

As with any construction or paving job, you will need to prepare the area for your asphalt paving. The obvious first step is to remove the old surface and any debris on the ground. Lewisville Paving Pros is experienced in this area and has the equipment necessary to do the job quickly and well. This, together with proper grading and sloping of the ground, will ensure that your new asphalt lays flat and the water runs off correctly. Proper preparation is essential. Without it, your asphalt will be left more susceptible to damage from water and eroding soil.

Problems to Look For

You’ve called Lewisville Paving Pros, gotten your estimate, had your asphalt installed. Your work is done. Nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy it for the coming years. Right? Wrong. In order to ensure that your asphalt lasts as long as it can, you need to keep an eye on it. Spotting problems when they begin is key to keeping your maintenance and repair costs low. The biggest thing to look for is cracking. Once you have a crack, it will continue to grow unless it is filled. This creates an unsightly look and possibly leads to more extensive damage and larger repair jobs.


The most effective maintenance is preventative. It’s far easier to stop a problem before it starts than it is to go in and correct something that has gone wrong. To keep your asphalt in good condition, you should seal it. Lewisville Paving Pros can handle any of your asphalt sealcoating needs. Sealcoating gives your asphalt a cosmetic boost, which is a nice benefit. More than just good looks, sealcoating can increase the lifespan of your asphalt by preventing water from getting into or below your asphalt and causing cracks or holes. Also, did you know about our asphalt and concrete repair?

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