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Concrete Paving

worker paving concrete

If you are considering driveway paving or sidewalk paving, you should look into concrete. Concrete paving is a great way to keep your driveway, sidewalk, road, or other area looking nice for years to come. It is a long-lasting surface material and does not require a lot of expensive maintenance to keep it in good shape. When you want something easy, you want concrete. Talk to Lewisville Paving Pros to see if concrete is right for your job and what we can offer you.

Benefits to Concrete

Americans love concrete. It is an easy surface to love. Installation is simple, maintenance is minimal, and it looks great for a long time. Concrete is resilient and can be used in any part of the country, in any conditions, and it will still last for many years. You don’t need to baby this surface to keep it in good condition. It will last longer than asphalt and require less regular maintenance to keep it looking great. Not only is it durable, concrete is an economical choice. It can last 30-50 years and requires less maintenance than other surfaces that last fewer years.

Concrete Paving Preparation

Before paving with concrete, you need to properly prepare the area. Proper preparation prevents many future problems. You can count on professionals like Lewisville Paving Pros to take care of this preparation for your driveway paving, sidewalk paving, or other type of concrete project you may have. We will remove the topsoil and compact the ground so that the foundation under your concrete is level and the ground won’t shift under it. We will also slope it so that the water doesn’t pool and cause damage to your concrete or surrounding structures, like your home or business.

Problems to Look For

We have mentioned that concrete is quite durable, and it should last a long time with minimal help from you or repairs throughout the years. Cement tends to take care of itself once it is installed. That said, there are some times when you will need to repair your cement. What should you be looking for to minimize the repair costs and extent of damage? Scaling is a common concrete problem. It’s not as common in the south as it is in colder climates, but it is something to look for. Of course, there are also cracks to look for. There are different types of cracks, which require different treatments. Lewisville Paving Pros can look at your cracks and help you develop a repair plan.


Concrete is a low-maintenance surface. Generally, you won’t have to do much to keep it looking good for its full lifespan. And that lifespan should be several decades. Most maintenance can be done by you. This includes things like keeping it clean and not overloading it with weight. Typically, these are easy things for homeowners to do. Many people also seal their concrete, which should be done every couple of years if you choose to do it. Additionally, our commercial paving services are excellent!

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